Behavioral Health EHR Software

NextStep™ is different from most behavioral health EHR software

NextStep is a modular system that can work for practices of all sizes

  • Small private practice with one to three therapists
  • Medium and large private behavioral health practices, single-site or multi-site
  • Multi-site outpatient behavioral health clinic
  • Hospital, whether psychiatric or integrated medical and psychiatric care
  • Integrated medical care and behavioral health care practice
  • Medication management
  • E-prescribe
  • Residential long term care that serves patients with behavioral health and mental health issues


  • Customizable forms using the Form Builder
  • Treatment Planning Wizard
  • Quick Chart
  • EZ-Scheduling
  • EZ-Billing and Claims Processing
  • Medication Wizard
  • Client Information database
  • Reminders
  • e-Folders for document storage
  • Billing and Scheduling
  • Reports

NextStep can be utilized by organizations of ALL sizes from small practice to hospital!

NextStep™ automates critical processes that have a real impact on the day-to-day procedures involved in providing and documenting services and provides simple, intuitive ways to use the information. And, its integrated appointment scheduling and billing systems eliminate entering duplicate data and streamline the billing process using a plan, chart, bill approach.

5 Tips to Grow Your Behavioral Health Practice

Make it Quick and Easy – Using NextStep, professionals in your practice can save time and money by:

1) eliminating duplicate work, streamlining billing to reduce delays and errors that occur from transferring information between systems and sheets for billing, and

2) documenting services and processing bills from the office, at home, or anywhere with Internet access.

NextStep only requires Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari and the Internet with no extra hardware or software installation. NextStep links seamlessly with existing billing systems.

No Additional Computers Required – NextStep is a web-based automation software for care facilities by a development team with years of experience in streamlining human services. Highlights include custom assessments, case management, billing, a treatment planning wizard, charting, medication management, prescriptions, and scheduling.

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